Why I felt the need to blog

I have always loved learning as I have always believed that knowledge is power.  The funny thing is, I have a lot of knowledge that has never really seemed to get me anywhere.  It’s the nuggets of wisdom that have proven to be the most helpful in my life.  I have gathered them from my mother, my children, my teachers, my friends, and from many of the books I’ve read throughout my life. When I am in the presence of great wisdom, it fills me up – but not all the way.  There has always been this other part that makes the experience complete and that is the sharing of the wisdom.  As much as I love to learn, there is this innate need inside me to quickly turn around and teach it to someone else.   It feels good.  It feels right.   So here you have my blog and I am honored to be sharing the wisdom along the way.   Enjoy!


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